Soto Stormbreaker Multi Fuel Stove

  • £169.99
  • Save £30
Tax included.

The days of priming and waiting for a stove to heat up are well and truly over with the introduction of the Stormbreaker from Soto.

This innovative and feature heavy stove can be used with either self-sealing gas canisters or liquid fuel to offer you the true flexibility.

  • Optimal distance between the pot and burner head.
  • Concave burner head guards flame from the wind.
  • Built-in windscreen.
  • Downward facing air intake means an uninterrupted supply of air for improved combustion.
  • Easy-Care Jet
  • No need to remove jet for cleaning.
  • Dual Purpose Jet
  • Switching the fuel from gas to liquid is a breeze.
  • Generator heated has does not depend on canister pressure for contact output.

Fuel bottle and gas canister not included.